Friday, May 22 2015

Retired Pro Doing 8 Ball

I have seen better days with billiards as I used to be a pro at this game and I am or used to be popular within the loop during my days and some still does recognize me even up to now. But then with old age, I do not handle the stick that well like before and my eyes would already at times fail me. But I still do enjoy billiards on my laptop and tablet specially with the 8 ball pool hack where I can have unlimited access specially the laser pointer where I can check where that 8 ball pool hack is heading. During my younger days, I was working in a pub that had four pool tables,


and I was just the one who maintains the toilet. In the morning when the pub was still closed, I would play billiards together with the other staff and that was how I learned the game and became good at it. When I finished high school, the owner which is already like my dad since I became an orphan at a very young age, promoted me to be one of the bar tender as I am already familiar with the drinks and the concoctions. As we were playing billiards one afternoon, a guest arrived early and asked if he could just hang out there as he does not have anywhere to go and would be meeting his friends here. So I allowed him as long as he is aware that we are still closed and we can just serve him water for now and he just keep himself comfortable and we continued our game with my mates. We did not know that he represents the country’s pro billiard association and he was already observing me and after work that night he talked to me and offered me a career and that has made the big change in my life.

Thursday, May 21 2015

Kenya: The Sources of Energy

Kenya is one of the countries located in Africa, and if one wants to see the distinguishable culture, lifestyle and other things that make this country a viable tourist destination, then it won’t hurt to venture now. Kenya does have a lot of things in store as long as tourists are intrepid enough to discover them. Whether it’s about the landmarks, the food, and the popular spots to hang out or even just getting up close and personal with the animals that roam around Kenya Luxury Safari, Kenya does not fall short of the surprises that will come, even in unexpected ways.

With Kenya being a place notorious for its arid climate, one may help but to wonder on how the country gets its electricity from. Yes, electricity isn’t just limited to one source like the one most countries usually possess; there are multiple ways to generate energy. This article may help solve the mystery.

The Energy Generation Kenya has multiple sources to generate electricity, and here are the available methods in the country: Water – hydroelectric power is available in Kenya thanks to the numerous dams residing there. In case one is curious on how it works, water flows through pipes and the turbines turn around with the push of the water. Thanks to the turbines, electricity is generating.

Fossil Fuels – these include gas and diesel, and they are also responsible for electricity generation. The main caveat is that they spew out black smoke and that’s one reason why global warming became an environmental issue, especially with the melting of the ice caps.

Geothermal – through this method, energy is produced through extremely hot temperatures residing underneath the earth, such as hot water and even magma. It’s known as a renewable energy source.

Wind – yes, there are windmills existing, especially via the Ngong Hills Wind Farm. As long as the windmills keep turning with the force of the wind, electricity will come.

Bagasse Cogeneration – this method will help create heat energy for the mills as well as electricity, with the utilization of bagasse, the fibrous stuff left behind after sugarcane and sorghum stalks are crushed and squeezed out for the juices.

As mentioned earlier, Kenya has multiple sources for electricity. At least with geothermal and wind energy available there, it’s another step to lessen the impact of environmental pollution and to the keep the world a healthy place for future generations to enjoy.