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we live in a relatively affluent society. even many of our poor are, for the most part, well off in contrast to the poor of the rest of the world. many of us have choices and opportunities that others can only dream of, if they weren’t already busy dreaming of simpler pleasures, like indoor plumbing. what kind of house do i want to live in? what kind of car do i like to drive? what kind of diet do i wish to follow? what will i do with my extra energy, calories, and time? these are luxurious questions.

as is human nature, we become desensitized to our bounty and begin to see it as the status quo rather than the delightful state of affairs that it is. striving to remain conscious of this can help us to appreciate the choices we have and embrace the opportunities we are afforded.

as with many valuable pursuits, exercising regularly can feel like a chore at times, or can feel less important than other situations at hand. (this is called attentional bias.) as we all know, however, the most important step to success is showing up. but, how do we do that? we’re so busy, and stressed, especially around the holidays. i’ve worked hard all year, i can just coast through this period, then after the New Year, i’ll hit it hard. great. you think you’ve just excused yourself from a bunch of work. what you have actually done is thrown away an amazing opportunity!

let me explain. as i mentioned earlier, our affluence allows us many choices, some of which we temporarily fail to appreciate from time to time. i would wager that if you had a hot date, a pedicure appointment, a poker game, or some other relaxing and enjoyable time planned, then whatever threatened that opportunity would get moved or simply deleted from your schedule.


think about when you first meet someone. i mean way at the beginning, before you know how great they are. neither of you try that hard to rearrange your schedule for that first date. assuming that goes well, your schedules get a little more flexible for the second and third dates. after a month or two, any time is good, right? now, a year later, you live together. talk about rearranging things to fit somebody in. you’ve got to move in with your fitness plan. treat it like something that a)matters and b)will go away if you ignore it, because that’s what it is. it isn’t something you fit in when everything else lines up conveniently. it’s your LIFE.

there may be some things that happen now and then to make adhering to your training schedule impossible. maybe your car burns up on the side of the road, there’s a major earthquake, or you’re unconscious. if you cancel dinner with your wife, you have a reason and you make it up asap. the same needs to apply to your workout.

nobody can motivate you except you. as your trainer, i can call you, text you, email you, knock on your door, or hire a plane to fly a banner over your house. if you don’t value the experience more than you value lying in bed another hour, none of it will matter. you are going to have to buck the trend and make time for yourself and your health. at the end of your training session, pleasure chemicals surging through your bloodstream, maybe you’ll stop for just a second and think, “damn, i’m glad i did that.”

take care of yourself this holiday season.


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